Natural Healing – Is It Really Safe?

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You may have read or heard the following sentences:

“Try this natural remedy… It must be safe because it comes from natural ingredients.”

“Go to natural medicine clinic. Guaranteed… Your illness will be recovered.”

“I just want a natural… It must be safe for me.”

The sentences above often arise regarding the understanding of natural medicine. The question now is: Is it true that all natural are certainly safe?

I am among those who support the development of alternative treatment, especially that relating to natural healing and herbal medicine. But I don’t agree with the opinion which says that “all natural dewaqq things are safe for use”, or “all natural medicines are good and efficacious”. In my opinion, natural ingredients can give a good effect if they used with the right dose and the right way. Natural materials can be destructive if they used with the wrong way. You must know: opium (Papaver somniverum) is among natural materials. But when it is used with the wrong way, it becomes harmful and destructive.

Not all natural ingredients are non toxic. In Southeast Asian countries, there is an herbal plant known as Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa). The fruit skin (exocarp) of this plant has been recognized as an anti-cancer source. This means it is a natural medicine. The seed of this fruit, however, has the opposite properties; it is poison.

In my opinion, natural treatment has the potential to cure disease, but the implementation of this method requires adequate testing. Similar to conventional treatment, the use of natural remedies provide successful healing opportunities and also provide failure

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