Texas Wine Region Declared “Hidden Gem”

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There are currently approxiamately 200 wineries in Texas. Their numbers increased over 62% in just the past 5 years according to industry tracking sources. So it may then come as no surprise that it is also gaining regular positive press from wine consumers and those who keep them informed.

The Texas Hill Country, which was named the number one “hidden gem” US wine region by the Away.com travel site also happens to be a designated grape growing region, or AVA. (American Viticultural Area) Texas currently has 8 AVAs. The Texas Hill Country, appropriately so for Texas standards is a very large one at 9.6 million acres. Just for reference, it could hold almost 43 Napa Valley-sized AVAs.

There are currently almost 30 wineries in the AVA and the tourist visits have been steadily increasing in recent 홀덤 years to match this growth. Texas wineries produce many of the same varietals familiar to long time wine drinkers such as cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and merlot. It appears also to be very common to find many labels simply stating “red wine” or “white wine”. In these cases the winery has created a blend of several varietals, which when it comes time to create a label for it the use of a single varietal name is not an option due to federal labeling standards. This points also to the flair that Texas winemakers are putting into their final product, in blending a wider mix of types of wine which in the process creates something different for their customers to try.

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