Debt Settlement in Texas

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A new approach of managing debt problems is debt negotiation or debt reduction. The debt settlement program enables customers to achieve effective negotiation with creditors in decreasing debt to 50 percent and become debt free within 12 to 36 months.

Debt settlement provides an ideal solution for consumers buried with credit card debt or those incurring late payments so they can manage their finances, pay the minimum amount due and eventually settle the outstanding balance. In this circumstances, use the strategy as it is an effective solution to debt problems and brings you savings. It is important to know the impending drawbacks of debt settlement before enrollment to this program. It causes an unfavorable effect on your credit. First, counseling programs from third parties and debt consolidation loans from financial companies will have a negative impact on your credit at a lender’s point of view. In the long term, there is minimal effect on your credit because you will be eliminating your Debt Consolidation Texas credit card debt ultimately. Lastly, your credit standing will certainly be affected negatively once you have delayed payments.

The two major disadvantages of debt settlement includes the likelihood of legal action filed against you by the creditor for full balance collection and creditors pestering you regularly until the debt is fully settled.

Debt settlement is favorable in Texas compared to other states because of better debtor laws providing consumers more rights and protection in terms of overdue unsecured accounts such as credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and repossessions.

How State Collection Laws Benefit Texas Debt Settlement

Laws in every state declares that when consumers present a Cease and Desist Letter or a Special Power of Attorney informing the collections agency of employing third party services for managing communications with a creditor, creditors are legally compelled to discontinue directly contacting consumers. When the consumer misses payments in most states, the creditor has rights to call the debtor everyday for collection. In Texas, the harassment of consumers by the collections agency and the creditor is not only reduced but effortlessly eliminated.

Laws for State Homestead and Garnishment and the Benefits of Texas Debt Settlement

The salary and home of Texas debt settlement customers are highly protected which gives creditors more reason to settle. Texas debt settlement customers are on a compelling negotiating position to work things out with their respective creditors. This is a stronger position for customers in case of a potential lawsuit and gives them higher savings than what is standard. Despite the large majority of cases settled, the debt settlement company cannot assure customers that there will definitely be no legal action taken by creditors. Usually, creditors possess the right to prosecute debtors to collect unpaid accounts regardless of action taken by the consumer to pay the debt

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