Bulking and Cutting for Muscle Mass Gains

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When it comes to gaining muscle, many people have a plethora opinions as to what method works best. Some people espouse the craziest theories, thinking that this or that is the new and only way to do it best, while many others say that the old Iron Age guys had it all figured out from before, and that all we have to do is emulate them. Who is correct? In today’s article we’re going to take a look at the old school Legal Steroids GNC  way of bulking and cutting for muscle mass gains, putting on tons of pounds so as to stimulate muscle growth and then cutting the fat and leaving only the muscle behind.

The idea is based on the cycling nature of body building competitions. When you are in the middle of the body building competitions, you want to be lean and mean. In between, however, during the off season, people would shove as much food into their bellies as they could and work out like maniacs, so that they not only put on muscle but put on tons of weight in general.

What this means is that when the season starts to come around to lose the weight, these body builders have to diet like crazy, often losing a hundred pound in eight months or so, and looking absolutely amazing as a result. However, what doesn’t get mentioned is the role the drugs can play, as losing that much fat while maintaining muscle mass is greatly helped by drugs. Without them, people can be in a lot of trouble.

While this approach might work for body builders, it simply doesn’t make sense for athletes for whom being fat ruins their performance. Given the natural limit on gaining muscle, any weight gained over this is just plain fat, and that means time spent dieting to get rid of it. So while this might work for pro football players or body builders, it doesn’t work for athletes.

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