How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

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There are numerous advantages to hiring a professional home painting contractor to complete the interior or exterior painting of your home. Examples of these include: color coordination, preparation on exterior and interior surfaces, preparation of baseboards and moldings, soundproofing, protection from weathering and deterioration, protection from children and pets, and aesthetics. There are a few disadvantages to hiring a painting contractor however. Here are a few.

  • Color coordination requires skill and practice. If not done properly, it may result in an uneven or careless finish. For example, if you have light walls and dark ceilings and floors, your home painting contractor may suggest that you paint your walls a lighter shade than the baseboards or moldings; this will enhance the baseboard colors and prevent ceiling colors from bleeding through. Similarly, if you have very dark ceilings and very light walls, you might want to suggest that they paint one wall a darker color than the other walls. The job could still end up uneven, even though you painted the walls a similar color as the baseboards and trim.
  • Baseboard preparation is key. Painting a house can be difficult because there are so many different surfaces to paint, such as trim, moldings, ceilings, mantles, and windows. It is easy to make mistakes when dealing with large surfaces like ceilings, which are sometimes harder to reach with a brush or roller. Professional painters are trained to reach all corners and to paint small areas at once, which minimizes mistakes and maximizes coverage area ремонт на входове цени. They can also help you determine what paint color will give you the best results when painting all these different surfaces at once.
  • Colors affect exterior painting as well as interior painting. Choosing the wrong color paint can make your house look cheap. On the other hand, choosing the right color can also make it look too bright and garish. Homeowners should be careful about the colors they choose for their exteriors. You probably do not want to decorate your house with colors that will make your trim patterns look odd and messy, neither will you want your dining rooms and entryways to resemble a meth lab.
  • Always consider the size of the room before painting costs. If you do a standard paint job on a single wall and do not divide the house into smaller rooms, the painting cost will be greater per square foot than it would be if you painted each room at the same rate. For example, if you have a large dining room, you would probably need to pay more than twice as much per square foot as you would if you divided the house into smaller rooms. You should also make sure you measure your rooms before you begin a painting project, so you know how much paint you need to buy per square foot. This will prevent you from buying too much paint too soon, which can lead to expensive paint repairs.
  • Painting prices also depend on the type of paint and the type of finish. While the cheapest finishes are water-based acrylics, which cover most surfaces and are long lasting, more expensive finishes such as latex are far more durable, but are much heavier and require more effort when applying. Homeowners should make sure the painters they choose to use the appropriate equipment to apply the finish on their home’s walls.

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