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There are those of you who have started their blogs quite some time ago and have accumulated a sizeable contingent of regular visitors or even those who have become immensely popular on the web in a relatively short time. It is difficult for such people to build, maintain, and oversee all the technical aspects that are needed to support their websites which are growing at a tremendous pace. VIP WordPress hosting is a god sent for such businesses.

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VIP WordPress hosting provides the answer to the toughest challenges for a growing site. VIP WordPress hosting servers are equipped to handle millions of page views every hour, being featured on a top websites homepage, linking to a facebook/twitter page which have gone viral, and all this at the same time. Not to mention the numerous hardware upgrades, expansions, and seamless maintenance top wordpress hosting. VIP WordPress hosting also handles databases, domain name systems, as well as PHP services quite beautifully, addressing troubleshoots and error handling issues round the clock. It also provides continuous backups and an excellent upload time that is sure to keep a system administrator extremely happy. And all this is done on CDN servers which makes your site blazing fast.

For anyone who is looking to get to that next level with their blogs, VIP WordPress hosting is a viable option. Especially if your site has to handle millions of viewers at the same time, it makes sense to go for a VIP treatment!

Statistics will reflect the fact that after spending loads of time and money, WordPress has indeed achieved what it had set out to achieve – provide a top notch hosting platform to the best websites on the Internet. They are definitely the quickest and perhaps the most efficient web hosts at the present time. Some of the most popular websites are run on VIP WordPress hosting program. These are official blogs for BBC Top Gear, Flickr, and sites such as the Official NFL blog, People Magazine’s Style Watch, Dow Jones’ All things D and many other top notch websites.

The VIP WordPress hosting program is a dream for website owners as well as developers. As VIP members, you will be able to customize your background, edit themes, introduce plug-ins, put up your own ads as well as insert Javascript. The VIP team at WordPress will take care of the security of the code and optimize it for you in collaboration with your own development team.

However, this service as of now is not open to all as WordPress is aiming for customers whose websites get a million page views a month. WordPress is on the lookout for high end publishers and proprietors at the moment.

The pricing as a result of this is quite high at the moment with a flat rate of $2,500 a month for five sites and then $500 a month for additional sites for the same customer. There is also a onetime setup fee of $1500 per site. The other downside is the fact that as a website owner, you must also signup all your developers to the VIP support program – something a developer does not fancy too much.

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