Cherry Trees in Washington DC

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If you are looking for the best place to view cherry trees in bloom, then head on up to the Washington DC area and take a look at all the blooming cherry trees in Washington, DC. There are at least 11 different varieties in and around the National Mall.

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They include the Yoshino , Kwanzan , Akebono , Weeping Japanese , Takesimensis , Usuzumi , Autumn Flowering, Sargent , Fugenzo , Shirofugen and Okame . Each one has different blooms and flowers so we will be discussing them all and moving to different places in Washington DC to see each and every one trái cherry.

The Yoshino Cherry reaches 50 feet at maturity, with white single petal blossoms that are almond scented. The Kwanzan Cherry is 30 feet that has double flowers with 30 petals and clear pink to faded pink. The Akebono Cherry reaches 50 feet at maturity and has a single blossom that a pale pink fading to white. Weeping Japanese Cherry is 40 feet high with a weeping crown and these differ in color, Pendula Rosea is deep pink flowers, Pendula Plena Rosea is double pink flowers, Pendula Alba is single white flowers. Rosey Cloud is double brink pink while Snowfozam is single white flowers. The Takesimensis is 40 feet and bears white flowers. The Usuzumi Cherry is 40 feet tall with single white flowers. Autumn Flowering Cherry has 30 feet and semi double pink flowers. The Sargent Cherry is 50 feet with deep pink flowers in single form. The Fugenzo Cherry is 20 feet high and has double rose pink flowers. The Shirofugen is 25 feet with white to pink double flowers. Okame is 25 feet with semi double pink flowers.

One other of note includes the Afterglow Cherry, which replaces the Akebono Cherry. There are many different places that these are planted in Washington DC. Most of them grow around the Tidal Basin, Haines Point and the Washington Monument grounds. In total for East Potomac Park, there are over 1,681 trees. The Tidal Basin area has over 1,678. The Washington Monument has 342 and there are 49 trees at other park sites. The tree count is as follows: East Potomac – 995 Yoshino Cherry, 414 Kwanzan Cherry, 190 Takesimensis Cherry, 60 Weeping Japanese Cherry, 9 Sargent Cherry, 6 Autumn Flowering Cherry, 3 Akebono Cherry, 2 Afterglow Cherry, 1 Shirofugen Cherry and 1 Okame Cherry.

For Tidal Basin there are 1405 Yoshino, 105 Akebono, 50 Usuzumi, 44 Kwanzan, 34 Weeping, 14 Fugenzo, 14 Autumn Blooming and 12 Sargent. For the Washington Monument there are 341 Yoshino and 1 Kwanzan. For other sites there are 22 Kwanzan, 21 Yoshino, 4 Akebono, 1 Autumn Flowering and 1 Cherry. This makes any spring trip to Washington DC a pleasure during the spring.

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