The Growth of Online News Media

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News is everywhere but what is news and what should be news is often not the same. Some would consider Weather or Sports as being news. However, in this article I am going to discuss only the definition of news.

The Future of Online News Video - Reuters Institute Digital News Report

A news story is an article reporting on an event which has occurred. It can be an article about an airplane crash, a crime, or even an event which has already been reported prior to the time of writing. A news story is based entirely on fact, no opinion, and is written to keep the readers informed. Now you can point out that both newspapers and television news reporters are allowed to express their opinions in their articles however opinions have no place in news stories. Also, opinions are only allowed in news stories where they can have direct bearing on the matter in question.

Newspapers, and other mass media rely on a strict code of ethics which all employees are expected to follow. The mass media also relies on the trust of their readers. Television, radio, and newspapers are typically published by large publishing companies. These publications rely solely on their readers to turn into profits. If the reader/viewer of the main article finds nothing of interest then the publication is likely to lose their advertisement revenue.

There are many different types of media sources, but all forms of media to provide content. The three major types of media are print media, television media, and online media. Print media refers to newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Television media refers to broadcasts on the various television stations, and radio can also be referred to as news sources. Online media, such as blogging, provides information for the reading consumer without the interference of the media gatekeepers.

The vast majority of news desks consist of at least one staff member with a newspaper or magazine background. Other members may be part-time freelancers working from home, part-time news desk employees working for a major publication, or full-time reporters. All journalists have a set level of responsibility, whether it is to write a full story or to simply perform research in their field of interest. A full-time journalist will be required to cover a wide variety of topics and may work on several newspapers or magazines.

While most newspapers and magazines will hire additional reporters and freelance writers, smaller publications are not as dependent on the help of journalists Many times smaller newspapers and magazines will choose to outsource their journalists and some will operate entirely online. This has resulted in a growing number of online news sources, and several new websites dedicated to providing news updates have cropped up over the last decade or so. Smaller newspapers and magazines that do not own a newsroom and rely on donations or reader support may be forced to shut their doors if they are not able to afford to hire a full-time journalist.

There are numerous news websites that exist solely to deliver breaking news to their readers. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and several other mainstream daily newspapers have web content, which is updated automatically by the website each morning. These websites are not without controversy, since many find themselves unable to find the specific story they are looking for due to the large amount of material.

Online news media has become an extremely convenient way for individuals to receive breaking news on a local, national, and global level. Reporters and freelancers now have a much better opportunity to make a living in this new industry. While there has been considerable change in the industry over the years, the need for investigative journalists is still very much in demand. In the end, the decisions that are made regarding the direction of mass media coverage must always reflect the changing interests of the American public. If reporters and freelancers continue to work toward improving the quality of news and information provided to the public, the quality of the news media will benefit from the investment.

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