Brisbane Conferences

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Brisbane is Australia’s most livable city and it is also one of the leading conference destinations in the country. Brisbane conferences have a number of features that few locations domestically or locally can rival.

One of the truly sensational aspects of Brisbane conferences is the Queensland weather. The climate is superb in Brisbane all year round with sub tropical temperatures on offer. With this in mind you can schedule your conference for any time knowing that the weather will make a wonderful welcome committee for your delegates.

There is a lot to do around Brisbane for people to enjoy when they have some time away from the conference. In the city centre there is world class shopping and dining on offer. Brisbane has some awesome alfresco cafes as well as amazingly fresh and succulent seafood to chow down on. Besides seafood there is also a great array of international cuisines to choose from, many of them fused with local flavor

You can take a river cruise from the city centre and get to see some of the sights of the city from the water. Down the river there is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where you can come face to face with some of Australia’s cutest residents. Besides the cuddly koalas you can see several other species of unique Australian wildlife too. Back in the city centre a visit to the historic and beautiful Treasury Casino will provide fun and luxury too.

There are many different locations throughout the city where they can meet the needs of your conference. There is everything from five star venues to budget locations – you can find the scale and size that suits your conference. Many of the Brisbane locations will offer the venue without charge when it is a certain size. Conference delegates will enjoy the location that you choose for your conference and be able to combine business with pleasure visiting the great Brisbane sights.

As well as hotel based venues, there is the Brisbane Convention Centre, which is considered to be one of the world’s leading convention centres. From small to outrageous, the centre can host your conference with ease. Close to the convention centre there is the South Bank park lands where you can enjoy the combination of outdoor and lifestyle that Queensland is famous for and the bohemian centre of Brisbane – West End.

Getting to and from Brisbane is a cinch for visitors as there are flights arriving to the domestic and international airport terminals. There are flights from major Australian cities as well as many regional centres. International flights arrive from New Zealand, the US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong ans Singapore among others. You can reach Brisbane from a number of world transport hubs with ease.

Brisbane is growing faster than any other Australian city because it is such a wonderful place to live. Many companies have hosted wildly successful conferences in the city too and this has earned Brisbane conferences the reputation for being able to deliver world class venues and facilities with affordable accommodation in an interesting and vibrant location for conference delegates.

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