Proven Blogging Tips That Help Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

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Blog creation is often overlooked when it comes to website creation, design, and marketing. But did you know that having your own blog on your site can give you three great ways to promote search engine optimization that you thought not possible?

A blog can attract web traffic and increase your site’s ranking. (free) and WordPress (Free and self-hosted) are the two of the biggest names when it comes to blogging. Millions of users create and update their blogs every day for personal or business reasons. These two blogging giants do have quite a number of differences from each other, such as the ability to create categories, and the ability to customize default settings, such as CSS or templates. For instance, the biggest drawback of using is that their package is somewhat canned and what you can do is often very limited with their formatting options. The self-hosted version of WordPress, on the other hand, offers a whole lot of customization of options to your heart’s delight.

The easiness of blogs being updated by its owners makes it more appealing to search engines to continue indexing them on regular basis. As you notice, more and more blogs are showing up Webmaster freelance wordpress on search engine results. The reason for this is simple; search engines like to have fresh and updated content on their results. However, avoid copy pasting content from other sources, as Google will penalize websites that are found to have duplicate content.

Perhaps one of the most difficult part of a webmaster’s life is keeping his site up to date. This means when few pages are updated, he needs to update his home page to at least show these changes. But what if dozens of pages are updated on a daily basis? This can become a total nightmare. But luckily, this dilemma has been corrected in blogs. All pages that have been updated will automatically be shown on the home pages without any intervention. A great way to promote your content!

It builds a customer base.

Blogs are the main reason why social networking sites now exist. Social networking sites are responsible for bringing relevant traffic towards your blog. In turn, they can help you collect email addresses so that you can contact them in the future if they are interested in your services. Contact them back!

Most social networking sites have some sort of plug-ins that you can easily add onto your blogs. This will make your visitor’s life easier if they want to bookmark your site. Social networking sites can make your blog spread like a wildfire and the result is exponential increase in ranking and traffic.

It stays optimized for a long period of time.

Code language is often filtered from the content of your blog. Therefore, in the eyes of the search engines, your content stays clean. Keep up with the trends in finding products or services people are looking for and how to connect these onto your site. Once you have found this information, add the selected key phrases into your content moderately to avoid being considered spam.

Now you know why blogs are important to add as one of your marketing arsenals. Targeted traffic means money. The more people visiting your site, the greater the chances of stable income.

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