PH Balance of the Human Body – The Best Healer of All

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Have you ever thought about the human body and what makes it tick? What makes it produce static electricity and generate energy so that we may do a multitude of tasks at any given moment in time? Where does the magnetism come from and how does it operate? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about.

There is not a computer or a machine built by man today that is more complex and wonderful to behold than the human body. Now many scientists do disagree on the amount of cells we possess, some believe 6 trillion cells and others believe over 60 trillion cells. Who cares who’s right, the fact of the matter is the human body is simply amazing. There’s just one question I want to ask? What gives it the spark of life, energy, magnetism? That’s the question I’m going to attempt Blood balance to answer for you.

When you and I take in a breath of air we are not only breathing in oxygen, but we are also breathing in nitrogen and pollutants as well. Of the air that we breath on a daily basis approximately 18 to 24% is only oxygen almost 70 % is nitrogen and the rest is carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other pollutants that we have put into our atmosphere over time and space. Now what about this nitrogen? Nitrogen is what I like to refer to as the spark of life. It is the nitrogen in the air that we breath that sparks the neurotransmitters ot the brain to send messages throughout the human body telling it what to do at any given moment in time. Yes, but how does it do that you may ask?

Our bodies are a complex structure of skin, matter, water, blood, cerebral spinal fluid, organs, veins and arteries etc. etc. etc., that are primarily composed of Ions, Protons, Neurons and Electrons etc. that are the cataclysts for the electrical charges emitted by the human body. These electrical charges are first started by that first chemical we talked about, Nitrogen, which is responsible for igniting the spark to send messages via the brain through neurotransmitters to the rest of the body. These messages are sent through the central nervous system of the body through the spine telling the body what to do. Your spine is not only a skeletal structure of bones to hold you upright and keep you together but it is also a protective covering for the central nervous system made up of veins, arteries and oxygen rich blood to name a few. It is through this central nervous system that the brain sends messages throughout the body via the blood and water.

Now what is all this leading up to you may ask? It is leading up to that key chemical in the human body called hydrogen. What about hydrogen. Have you ever heard of the PH balance of the human body. PH stands for Potential of Hydrogen within a mixture. PH balance is measured from 0 to 14, and yes you guessed it 7 is balanced or by some referred to as neutral. If your test shows under 7 you are acidic and over 7 is alkaline. What you want to do is to take your body from being acidic to alkaline because disease cannot co-exist in an alkaline body. Alkaline means more oxygen in the blood and the more oxygen rich your blood is the less chance you have of being sick or contracting a disease. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body. So how do I bring my body to be more alkaline you may ask? Good question.

First of all there are many foods that are acidic and many that are alkaline. Tomatoes for example are very acidic and yet pasta without the sauce on it is alkaline. Before you even attempt to bring your body to being alkaline it is a good rule of thumb to know your blood type and see what foods are good to eat for your blood type. Eating the wrong combination of foods is one of the greatest disease producing venues on the planet today. You may think you are eating a balanced diet yet the wrong combination of foods for your blood type is detrimental to your health. Get on the internet and search foods for certain blood types.

To bring this into perspective let me share with you what happened to me a year ago. Our family had an anniversary I attended at a Mandarin Restaurant ( an all u-can eat buffet ) but as it turns out I overindulged in Shrimp and Prime Rib ( red meat ) and the next day I contracted gout ( an arthritic disease ) and I could not walk. My big toe was the size of a tennis ball. Gout basically is too much uric acid in the blood caused by the wrong combination of foods taken in simultaneously. Now, I am an O blood type which means I am a meat eater and my body needs more meat as well as lots of fruit and vegetables yet someone who is a B or AB blood type needs to be eating more fruit, vegetables and fish yet less meat.

The wrong combination of foods is why many people have a multitude of problems and get sick.Certain foods taken simultaneously can be detrimental to your health. It is good to find out what blood type you are and what foods are good for that blood type. One last thing, you must bring your body to being more alkaline from acidic by starting to drink more herbal teas and green teas instead of too much coffee. Also start making your own lemonade with lemons and limes which are good alkaline foods. Yes lemons and limes are acidic but they also help your body produce enzymes necessary to make your body alkaline. You will notice a huge difference if you start doing this on a regular basis. Implement good habits like this and good things will follow as far as your health is concerned.

Special Warning stay away from Chinese green teas as they still use DDT on their crops in China. DDT ( dichloro diphenyl tichloroethane – which is a synthetic pesticide ) was banned in North America in the 1960’s since it is one of the highest cancer causing agents on the planet. Green teas from Japan, the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom is a safe bet.

Our bodies are made in such a way that they may heal themselves as long as you are injecting the right things into them. Our amazing immune system is made in such a way that it will fight off sickness and disease given the right circumstances and the right chemicals meaning the right nutrients and enzymes necessary for the human body. The four main reasons people get sick is, 1) the wrong combination of foods taken in simultaneously, 2) chemicals in the air we breathe, 3) chemicals in the food we eat, or 4) a blockage in the body. That blockage may be in the form of a blocked colon, blocked artery, a pinched nerve or a blocked gland. Only around 15 % of sicknesses are heredity or from a virus while 85% are a result of these four things. Now having said this I am not one of the only people on this planet that adheres to this theory. Norman Walker who was a Doctor and a Naturopath who lived to be 99 years of age and cured multitudes of people of a myriad of diseases also subscribed to this theory.

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