How to Learn Any Language

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Learning a language is easy. Yes, this is contrary to what many people believe. But, for many people, their only exposure to learning a language has been in grade-school, one of the worst environments for learning any language.

Do you think you might need a university degree, tutor, or language school to learn the language of your choice? Nope. You don’t need a university degree. You don’t need a personal tutor. And you definitely don’t need to sign-up for any expensive language schools. Why would you ever want to put yourself in a classroom environment when learning languages anyway? It just doesn’t work well — ask anyone who has ever taken language classes if they can speak the language they supposedly learned.

It’s true that there are some people who are terrible at learning languages. I would make a bet that you’re not one of them, just like a I would make a bet that you’re not tone-deaf. Studies have shown that only four percent of people are actually tone-deaf. I haven’t come across a study showing numbers for terrible language learners, but I would bet that it’s close to the number of tone-deaf people in this world: four percent. If you’re reading this article, I bet you’re in the other 96% of the population — fully capable of learning any language you desire Language of desire.

You don’t need any special skills to learn a language. No, you didn’t miss your chance at learning a foreign language as a child. While it’s true that children have a natural tendency towards learning languages, it isn’t true that they have an edge over adults — it’s actually the opposite. The only advantages children have over adults are an abundance of time for cartoons and not caring whether or not they make mistakes as they speak.

Adults can learn faster than children, but they need an efficient method for learning to do so. It is true that some languages are more difficult than others to master. It is also true that mastering a language takes a considerable amount of time.

If you can speak your native tongue and read this article, then you most likely have the skills necessary to learn a foreign language. There are a few tricks that make this easier, but all you really need is an efficient method for learning the language you want to learn. So if there is an efficient language learning method for adults, what is it?

The efficient method comes from a man named Barry Farber, fluent in over 14 languages. After years of experience learning languages for both needs and wants, he authored a book titled “How to Learn Any Language; Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably, and on Your Own.”

Farber describes the majority of his method in two chapters titled “Gathering Your Tools” and “The Multiple-Track Attack.” In “Gathering Your Tools,” Farber describes the tools you need for each language. Farber then describes how to use these tools in “The Multiple-Track Attack.” The basic tools consist of the following:

* Basic textbook
* Dictionary
* Phrase book
* Newspaper or magazine
* Student reader
* Audio course
* Flash cards

The wonderful thing about this list is that you have a great chance of finding what you’re looking for, especially when looking for the materials on the Internet. To start learning the language you want to learn, I would advise picking up a copy of “How to Learn Any Language” by Barry Farber, whether new or used from the Internet or your local bookstore, or borrowed from your local library. After that, you need the tools for your language of choice and time to study.

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