The Winding Road to Purpose

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A few years ago while participating in a group presentation in my college capstone class; I shared what I perceived my life would be like five years from that date. Filled with enthusiasm and confidence, I shared with the class and the instructor the fact that I was destined for greatness. On my PowerPoint slide, I had captured a beautiful picture of a long winding road aligned with trees bursting with color. My winding road represented me going great places to make great things happen. Little did I know or realize at that time just what that winding road entailed.

For some people, they discover at a young age what they are destined to do. This is more commonly known as “life purpose.” For others, while it may take a bit longer capstone project writing service to discover, somewhere along life’s journey, they discover their purposes along the way. I was one of those in the latter category.

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to go to college; however, I had no idea what my life purpose was. I was on a mission which had nothing to do with discovering my purpose. My mission in life at that time was to have fun and experience life. That was all that mattered, or so I thought.

I came to a crossroad after completing my first year of college which required me to make a critical, life-altering decision. I met this wonderful young man who had just joined the military. He asked me to marry him and travel the world with him. I chose him over completing my education at that time. It’s been more than 32 years since I made that decision. We’re still happily married. I believe I made the right choice.

For the first 15 years of our marriage, I did not work outside the home. I was a housewife, dedicated to raising our children. Had anyone asked me at that point what my life purpose was, I would have told them without hesitating or thinking twice, “My purpose is to raise our children as my husband serves this country.”

It’s interesting how your life purpose can change along the way. I say this because the day came when the children didn’t need me in the same manner in which they needed me when they were younger. I had reached a place in my life where I felt displaced. I began to question, “Who am I? Why am I here?” Sensing I needed help in discovering the answers to these questions, I enrolled in a workshop. Through the workshop I came to understand the evolution of purpose. As a result I was prepared for the next stage in my life.

When our youngest child left for college, my husband and I realized it was time for me to go back and complete my degree. Oftentimes over the previous years he would ask me, “When are you going back to school to complete your degree?” This question infuriated me. In my mind I would respond, “When are going to stop making babies and going out to sea?” I chose instead to not respond. I realize today that it was all about proper timing. During those 15 years of dedication to the children, it was not my time to pursue my education.

When I did return to school, I was fully committed to the process. I worked full-time in management in Corporate America; I led a weekly small group; and I took care of home and all its demands. All the while, purpose was evolving again. I discovered how much I enjoyed working with people. I greatly enjoyed facilitating classes and employee development. I was good at public speaking and problem solving. I loved to write; therefore, documentation, stats, and developing materials came easy for me.

My life purpose, which was already there on the inside of me, was discovered when I returned to complete my degree. By the time I took that capstone course, I knew that I was called to be a public speaker (motivational and inspirational); a life coach; and a teacher. To sum it all up, I was called to be an exhorter. That’s what I do best and I have peace with that.

As I reflect back over my life, I can clearly see how my decisions and different stages of growth and development have been instrumental in defining my purpose. The winding road aligned with beautiful trees bursting with color serves as a visual of my process in discovering my life purpose. Now that I know what it is, I will continue to travel this winding road, knowing it is the road and the lane designed for me. As long as I stay on my winding road, sign posts along with way will read “Success and Prosperity Straight Ahead.”

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