Digital TV and Radio

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The numerous advancements in technology have changed almost every aspect of human life. This includes what we eat, how we live, and now includes how we watch television. Currently, there are sixty million television sets in the United Kingdom, with one million new sets being sold every month. Digital television is now the industry standard and the outdated analog signal system has quickly been phased out. Many Brits were forced to make the switch to digital, causing some initial controversy.

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The initial wave of alarm has certainly become a thing of the past, because 80% of Brits surveyed felt comfortable with making the switch from analog to digital. Digital television was nearly completely embraced by the British television watching community, with an estimated 90% of tele watchers feeling that the quality of the new digital television was much better than that of the previous analog system digital cinema. This is very good news considering and estimated twenty million homes still have to make the switch to digital before the 2012 deadline. In fact, the people’s satisfaction levels are so high that most individuals claimed that they would rather lose going to the cinema, listening to the radio and their mobile phones before having to give up their digital television.

Britain’s successful switch to digital television has left residence with a residual curiosity about what else the digital technology industry could possibly have to offer them. It is estimated that 36% of people are interested in trying digital TV recorders. High levels of popularity and increasing demand for consumer electronic entertainment has sparked companies like PURE. PURE is the British consumer electronics company that is responsible for starting the digital radio revolution. They produce pure DAB radio with high quality digital sound, cornering the market.

The industry has adapted to meet the needs of the consumer. More people are spending more money of digital technology. Digital televisions, digital cameras and digital radio have all seen an increase in sales since the national switch from analog to digital. This adaptation has resulted in the release of products like the Slingbox. The Slingbox is a feature people can purchase for their computers. It is a product that allows people to watch their favorite television shows from anywhere. The Sling box is capable of working with and PC, Mac, laptop or mobile phone.

Britain’s digital television revolution has had many benefits on consumer expectations. The large majority of Brits agreed that digital television offers them better picture quality, as well as an increased number of channels they have access to. Many also decided they received better sound quality after they made the switch from analog. Technology will remain to increase to more advanced heights. Who knows what this could mean for the future of television.

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