I Do Have Problems With Assessment Tests

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I do not dislike assessment tests. They are after all, very 心理評估測試 useful in a many ways. A well structure aptitude test can really help you discover if you are fit for a certain level of class or if you probably need to start at a lower level. In the area of high stress jobs where people tend to get burn out, a psychological assessment test can be very useful.

However, I do think that lately, it has gone a little bit too far. Assessment testing are used in almost every area. You even got the kindergarten assessment tests that was meant to assess young students to certain standards of education when they have only just begun to develop their thinking. The test may not be accurate at all. At such young age, people tend to grow at different speeds. And too much testing pressure can be counter productive. All this while, we try too hard to put everyone in pre-define boxes, and I think that now, society pays a heavy price for it.

The biggest drawback of performing assessment tests is that they don’t give people the opportunity to prove themselves in the workplace. There was this once I actually lost a job based on their psychological assessment! They told me that I scored very well on the aptitude test, and that I was almost guaranteed to land the job. Unfortunately, they also gave me a personality test in the process. Well, I never heard from them since. I knew other people who were hired for the same role, and none of them were nearly as skilled or experience as me. If only they had let me prove myself at the workplace, I am sure they would have found out that, team player or not, I am truly an excellent worker.

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