Things to Consider When Renting Warehouse Storage Space

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As more and more companies big and small take advantage of offsite storage space, startup companies are encouraged to do the same. Renting warehouse storage space can be much cheaper than devoting office for storage, and as times get tougher around the world, it’s important to save costs whenever necessary.

When planning to rent out warehouse storage space, take these tips into consideration – choosing warehouse storage space carelessly might cause unnecessary expenses.

What do you plan to store?

Some companies choose to store office supplies and equipment offsite, since such items aren’t needed on a daily basis and may only take up space in the office. Others plan to stock perishable goods to sell at a later date. Whatever it is you plan to store, make you take a storage facility that’s close to your uspace office and can keep your items in good condition until you need them again.

How much are you planning to store?

Most storage spaces are small – about five by ten feet as a loose rule of thumb – but this is often more than enough for most companies. Try to make an inventory of which items (and how much of each) you plan to store, and ascertain just how much storage space you need. Taking storage space that’s bigger than what you really need may result in unnecessary costs, when you could have saved the company some money.

How long do you plan to store your items?

When you’re planning to store perishable goods, you’ll undoubtedly need quick turnaround times, while office inventory and supplies can sit around for months. Some storage facilities offer lower rates for long-term storage, while others do the opposite. Decide how long you plan to store your items, then find a nearby storage facility that offers the best rates for your time frame.

Do you need special amenities near your storage space?

Companies that use storage space as a small distribution center appreciate having special amenities, like office space, meeting rooms, coffee stations, and places to shower and sleep, near their storage space. Many storage facilities offer these services to accommodate such clients. If you think you’ll need to invest in a facility with such amenities, then be prepared to shell out a little more for your storage costs.

Whatever it is you plan to store, there’s a storage space out there for everybody. All you’ll need to know is exactly what your company needs, and it’s only a matter of finding the best one for you.

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