5 Pet Franchises For the Pet Lover

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Pet franchises take advantage of the love that pet owners lavish on their pets. When choosing from among pet franchises, there is far more to choose from than just pet food stores or grooming salons. The $41 billion that Americans spend on their pets every year goes to a host of different businesses that provides a number of specialized pet products and services.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training fills a need among dog owners to teach proper behavior and keep their dogs obedient and properly socialized. The franchise provides the business owner with dog training protocols, branding for the business, marketing and advertising and sales training. Dog owners come away from the business with obedient dogs that fit better into their lifestyles helpingtutor.com/. With more than 60 million dogs in the U.S., dog training is a service that is highly in demand and costs little to start up.

Dogtopia is a full-service dog business that provides day care services to dog, overnight boarding, a boutique where dog owners can purchase items for their pets, spa services for dogs and more. Dogs get to play in a gymnasium and even lounge around and watch videos if they choose. Pet franchises that provide upscale pet accommodations take advantage of a profitable client base. The business can cater to high-end clients who are willing to pay well to have their dogs pampered and played with while they are away Dog Waste Removal Michigan.

Petland stores are large pet stores that sell pets as well as pet supplies. The parent company provides six weeks of training to ensure that store owners understand how to keep their pets and customers happy. Petland provides for many of the needs of both new and experienced pet owners, and it takes advantage of the large and thriving pet industry. New pets need plenty of supplies to keep them healthy, and that spells steady sales for Petland franchise owners.

Pet Butler is a service provided to pet owners and commercial property owners that have pet waste that needs to be removed. This may be one of the least traditional pet franchises, but it provides an in-demand service. Removing this waste is a needed service for busy pet owners and for apartment buildings that have a problem with pet waste outdoors. Customers can also sign on to have their cat litter removed and replaced. This makes the business marketable to both residences and commercial businesses, giving it a large pool of potential customers networkermind.com/.

Just Dogs Gourmet is a gourmet food business that caters to dogs. Dog treats and specialty dog foods are a growing segment of the retail pet product market, and this franchise is devoted to selling them to dog owners. Pet franchises that market products and services to upscale buyers are getting in on a growing segment of the enormous pet products market. According to Just Dogs Gourmet, the upscale pet product industry brings in more than $30 billion each year, making a gourmet food source for pets a lucrative concept for franchise owners.

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