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If you’re an accountant, Sydney, Australia seems the place to find work, as more than 30,000 accountants have migrated there in the last four years alone. Sydney is at the centre of a booming economy, as its mass producing items for both China and India. It’s expected that the Australian Dollar will increase by roughly 20 percent against the pound over the next couple of years, and that Sydney will need more accountants to deal with the amount of cash going around.

Barcelona is the destination for Architects, as it has a strong network of contemporary and historical buildings, so you’ll never be lost for ideas. Working in Barcelona is similar 小型辦公室 to operating on a freelance basis, as you’ll work in an independent architect office almost as a consultant, and when you’ve performed your duty, you then leave. It’s not as structured as the UK for this reason, but it’s the place architects want to be.

Investment bankers will want to have a look into moving to Honk Kong, as it’s dominated by banking, and has more job opportunities than Canary Wharf and Wall Street. Honk Kong is one of the worlds fastest growing markets, investment banks are heavily hiring, and Hong Kong has witnessed a year on year growth of 86% in financial careers. And for those worried about having to learn the language, don’t worry, as every international finance centre operates in English.

For those interested in Business IT, Melbourne seems to be the place to be, as it equates for a third of all Australia’s IT industry, with more 9000 people working in Business IT within Melbourne, and this number is on the rise all the time. Many roles are available, from analysts to software engineers, and 2500 jobs have been created in the year 2010 alone.

Lastly, San Francisco comes highly recommended for any budding web developers. Thousands of start-ups call San Francisco their home, including major players such as Twitter and Facebook. In San Francisco you’ll find the best entrepreneurs, technologists and investors in the web development field.

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