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Is it possible to insure your leather goods against damage due to a natural disaster or adverse weather conditions? If so, then it may be worth considering ‘add on’ insurance cover that may include worldwide coverage. Adding global cover will ensure that you have extra protection against damage due to vandalism, theft or loss. If your leather goods are produced overseas and delivered to UK customers, then you can make savings if you insure them against worldwide theft or destruction.

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Leather goods can sustain quite a lot of damage during normal everyday use. Regular use can stretch and crack the leather and this causes the leather goods to lose its ‘freshness’ meaning that the product may not be suitable for use any more. A good fullness replacement may not be cost-effective and you could be left with goods that are not suitable for use any more – again loss of money tui xach da bo nu. Leather goods can be protected with our special European Guarantee on the following items:

Soft leather goods such as wallets (also known as briefcases) wallets are made from the thickest leather products. Their size will determine how many protective layers are present. It is vital that you buy a high quality leather product because the more protective leather layers there are the better it is able to protect the contents it contains. The best way to identify a high-quality leather product is to look for a logo that is embossed rather than stitched into the leather itself; it should also have some raised texture to provide good gripping ability and add a feeling of durability to the wallet.

Should you require additional levels of security to your leather goods we produce a range of quality leather goods that are suitable for use with wallets and belts. We can also offer you a choice of finishes including but not limited to; antique tarnished, French polish and oil rubbed. All wallets and belts are producing with double stitching, using only top grade genuine leather. We can also offer you a choice of leather goods with our famous hand stitching on all our leather goods. This ensures that the products are a quality made piece.

Our belts come in two types: the full grain belt and the split grain belt. Both are made from our own collection of fine leather goods that are carefully selected so they will suit your needs exactly. You can choose from a selection of styles including the Windsor style, the half-grain belt and the full-grain belt both with our vegetable-tanned hide. In addition to these belts, we also have a range of other leather goods including: wallets, card wallets, motorcycle wallets, office totes, drawstring wallets, cash wallets, gatefold wallets, messenger wallets, prong wallets, leather belts, children’s leather belts, ladies leather belts, roping belts, trench coats, belted leather jackets and many more.

If you’re looking for something stylish and long lasting, go for our full-grain leather goods. Although they are expensive, you’ll be confident using them for years. Pigeon tree crafting is not just about making leather goods. It’s also about being ecological and having passion for what you do. We offer fashion forward leather goods that will enhance any wardrobe.

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