Get an Affordable Mobile Phone With Sophistication – The Realme 5 Phone

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Realme 5 smartphone is another one of the best smartphone devices from the company. The Realme line offers users an array of features that are loaded with value for money. In terms of hardware, it boasts of an aluminium body and a slim and light design that also give it a sleek and futuristic appeal. The phone comes loaded with multiple connectivity options as well such as USB connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, MMS, Wi-Fi and Web browsing. Users can download various apps, including ones like Google Maps, Google Buzz, Find my Friends and Wikipedia to enhance their mobile experience.

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Realme 5 phone has a 6.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a dual-tone, Super AMOLED capacitive touch display. It comes with a smooth bezel-free glass screen, a pixel dense screen atheet and an ultra-slim body design. Apart from the body, the device also sports a powerful dual-core processor, an aluminium frame, a spacious memory card, an integrated fingerprint scanner, a 16 mega-pixel rear camera and a 7 mega-pixel front camera. It also features a vibrating notification key, a dedicated dialer, a multi-orientation camera and an infrared illuminator realme 5.

On the other hand, the Realme 5 has a powerful multimedia player that gives users the chance to listen to their favorite music, watch their favourite movies and clips, play games and take pictures all at the same time. In addition, the smartphone also facilitates users to stream various media files including live streaming TV, live radio and video podcasts. Further, the device is also equipped with a high-speed, 2G VoIP system that enables users to make international calls at a much cheaper rate. For its Wi-Fi Direct feature, the smartphone comes with built-in Wifi Direct application which makes it easier for users to connect to a wireless network using a specific SSID. The handset also supports Google Maps offline and supports OMA format file format for editing.

Another important thing that most users do not know about the Realme 5 Phone is that it is not a true smart phone. So, what does it offer that makes it different from your typical smartphone? The first and the foremost thing that make the Realme different is that it is a mini PC that can function as a laptop when it is not in use. So, what exactly does it do? The device comes with two independent operating systems – one for the business purpose and the other for personal purpose. So, technically, you can say that the Realme does not have a brain but it is a supercomputer that stores data and information.

The second innovation of the Realme5 phone is its new Selfie Camera, an action packed device that comes along with two removable lenses. One of the lenses is specifically meant for low light situations and high resolution images and the other lens comes with optical zoom and high pixel power enabling you to get the best picture quality. The Selfie camera is also equipped with auto focus, manual iris, timer, image stabilization and many more features that you would find in a high end smartphone. If you think that this Selfie camera looks a bit bulky, you are mistaken. It is just an affordable and sleek looking smartphone with 16 mega pixels resolution and optical image stabilization.

Coming to the battery, the Realme 5 Phone comes with two lithium ion batteries that give you about three to six hours of talk time on a single charge. However, if you want to go in for additional hours of battery life, then you can buy the additional card. In addition to the standard Dual SIM card, the Realme has also onboard support for Natty soft, Vodafone and T-mobile. In order to take the best quality photographs with your new Realme phone, you need to download the Nikon camera drivers that are available from the realme5 website. Once you have downloaded and installed these drivers, you can start off with taking snaps of your favorite locations and moments.

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