What Happened to the Once Loved Richard and Judy?

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Richard and Judy have been on everyone’s prime time screens for over two decades. Since there marriage to one another in 1986 they have built a lasting relationship both onscreen and off screen.

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They first shot to fame as hosts on the newly formed This Morning way back in 1988. They built a brand name around there show that it was more known as Richard and Judy than This Morning. But in 2001 the couple had a great offer for a prime time spot on Channel 4 to create a show actually called Richard and Judy; the show was hugely popular pulling in an average of three million viewers. But in 2008 Channel 4 announced it would be the last in the series after Richard and Judy agreed to go to new channel Watch judi depo dana.

The channel did not help them at all as it’s not available on most free views and has a lower followership the show started off abysmally and is set to get the axe from Watch after pulling in an abysmal eight thousand viewers.

Judy is now saying she wants to retire and spend time with the family but Richard insists he still has ambitions and would like to go solo and host a few shows on his own. Will it work for Richard? Who knows, but they have been a couple act for so long that I don’t think the public would accept them as individuals. It would be like Ant and Dec splitting up and going their own ways which would just not work and will not get accepted by the public, which is the most crucial aspect..

Richard and Judy have had a great career they have been in the limelight for over 20 years. There is no doubt in my mind that they have enough money to retire and live comfortably. They have been great hosts in there heyday, but I cannot see them rescuing the show or coming back into prime time TV.

The guests are just not as good as they used to attract, an important aspect for any show is getting guests that are currently at the height of there fame. Richard and Judy used to be able to do this with the likes of Britney Spears and Tony Blair but its just not happening anymore. They have had a great career that has been rewarded to the maximum, now they should settle down and enjoy there hard work.

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