Work From Home Guide – Say No to Comment Spamming

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Part of your work from home tasks, especially if you have a particular website, is to build links as well as get some traffic. You can go build links for your site through commenting. Just make sure you know the difference between commenting and comment spamming because if you don’t, then there will surely be some problems with that.

In a nutshell, commenting is giving your two cents on a certain topic and contributing to whatever discussion that’s already been going on in the comment section. Most of the time, the site or post you are commenting on will ask for your name and website address (if any) along with your comments. To build links, you can add your website address with your name and your comments and that’s it. With comment spamming, you not only post irrelevant comments, you also include links to your website within your comments. That’s quite annoying and that’s largely frowned at by both the other users and the search engine giants. The last thing you want to do with your work from home is leave an impression that you are a black hat SEO advocate Black hat forum.

You know for a fact that commenting is a precious privilege especially that it plays a huge part in link building and directing traffic towards your site. Look how many sites and online venues you can post your comments on and by doing that, you are also exposing the link to your own site. Let’s start off with the blogging community. There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands or more, blogs over this vast world of Internet we have. From Blogger to WordPress to LiveJournal to, you are sure to find blogs and topics within your niche that you can comment on and some useful information as well. There’s also HubPages and Squidoo which are both great sites too. Think carefully: do you want to waste your opportunity on those sites and risk your own business or work from home with comment spamming?

Blogs aren’t the only places you can waste your opportunity to comment on if ever you decide to continue on doing comment spamming instead of genuine commenting. There are those video sharing sites lead by none other than YouTube which is now owned by the search engine giant Google. If you are not aware of it yet, let me tell you that YouTube is one of those sites where huge amounts of traffic are coming from almost every day. Thus, commenting on that site is a valuable chance in terms of link building and traffic generation for your work from home. Of course, don’t just limit yourself with YouTube because there are other great video sharing sites as well like Megavideo, Yahoo! Video, Google Video, Hulu, Vimeo and others.

Aside from blog posts and those video sites, you can also do commenting (and not comment spamming) in various article directories, online forums as well as social media sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Digg. If you want to further your work from home, all you have to do is to stay within the realms of ethical commenting and avoid going beyond that. Don’t get tempted by the promises of those black hat SEO techniques because they will only give you temporary success and nothing more.

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