Are You a Self-Help Junkie?

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Do you spend hours reading self-help materials? Are you looking for that one insight that will change everything for you? Do you read about really good ideas that you would like to implement in your life, but never get around to doing so? Why is that? What is keeping you from making the changes that will improve your life? Read on and I will answer that question for you. Finally, you will know the secret to implementing all of those good self-help strategies.

I am a business and life coach. I work with people just like you. I work with people who are dedicated to improving themselves and have read the best of the self-help materials out there. Like you, they know what they SHOULD be doing to improve their lives. And, before they worked with a coach, like you, they were wondering why nothing they read ever really made a difference in their lives. Here is the answer to that question: Change is hard!

Change is hard. Doing what is familiar, even if you know it is not working for you, is easier. The familiar is comfortable. Even if you don’t like the results you get, at least you know what to expect. When you do something different, you step outside your comfort zone. When you are outside your comfort zone, you don’t know what to expect. Whatever you get, it will be something different. That is what makes change scary chris hsu citadel and uncomfortable. That is one of the barriers keeping you from implementing the strategies you read in self-help materials.

There is another barrier. When you implement something new in your life, you have to persist with it until it becomes a habit. Most people try a self-help strategy a couple of times, then give up on it. You must do it repeatedly, for a long enough time, until it becomes a habit. That is when you see results. Persistence is crucial!

Finally, there is another barrier that gets in your way–yourself! You get in your own way. Most likely, you are overlooking the key to making important change in your life. Each person is different. The barrier to implementing self-improvement strategies is different for each person. Most likely, you are overlooking the key to making important change in your life. What can you do about this situation?

Have an important conversation. Talk with a coach. A well-trained coach will hear you in a way you have never heard yourself before. A well-trained coach hears what you are not hearing within yourself. Coaching is about listening to yourself in a new way. Coaching is the process to implement the right self-improvement strategies for you. A well-trained coach strategizes with you to persist with important changes. A well-trained coach ensures you persist with positive changes until they become habits.

Working with a well-trained coach is priceless. Finally, you will make the life improvements you desire. You can read all you want, but if you are serious about improving your life, talk with a coach. Just one conversation will change your life!

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