Do Home Remedies Worsen Toenail Fungus Problems?

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It is not uncommon to hear of toenail fungus sufferers living with their infection for several months – or even several years.

Most initially search the Internet for information on how to cure the nail fungus, primarily with “Home remedies.” Toenail fungus sufferers are drawn to the idea of “Home remedies” for curing their fungus because they prefer to use a natural product rather than a synthetic one. But do home remedies actually cure toe fungus?

Let’s look at some popular Home remedies:


Listerine is more commonly used as a mouth wash and for clearing bad breath. It’s thought that the acidic properties help reduce or kill the toenail fungus. The feet are either soaked in Listerine or cotton balls soaked in Listerine are applied to the infected toenail. The problem with this is that this only Fungus Clear deals with the toenail – and not under the nail where fungus is growing. It may also cause skin burns and irritation, which is never good.

Soaking feet in bleach or peroxide

Soaks are commonly recommended in nail fungus discussion forums. These may include bleach, vinegar, peroxide or alcohol. Again, it’s claimed that the acidic qualities work on the fungus to clear it. A more common result is burned, irritated or sore feet and skin while the nail fungus remains unaffected.

Using Vicks Vapor Rub

Vapor rub is thought to have medicinal properties that cure toe fungus. This could be because it contains eucalyptus. Some toenail fungus sufferers report that it works with results seen in days. However, remember that the fungus affects the nail bed and the actual diseased nail is dead. Rubbing vapor rub on the nail doesn’t work on the nail bed so the chances of it curing the fungus are remote at best.

Applying various essential oils on your toes

Tea tree oil is a popular home remedy for nail fungus. It is known to have several astringent properties and many say it is one of the best natural treatments for toenail fungus. However, despite these claims, there is still little clinical evidence to prove tea tree oil actually eliminates toenail fungus.

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