A Guide on Virgin Games Bonus Promotion

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If you are looking to make a living out of online gambling, then playing Virgin Games Bonus should be one of your main concerns. Exploiting a welcome offer is a good way for increasing your starting capital and allows you to play a higher number of high valued assets. But few Virgin Games Bonus reviews did not see any significant no deposit bonus for newer players. This is probably one of the reasons why players tend to focus on this bonus when they first sign up. In fact the game has been in existence for more than one year now, yet there is still a substantial welcome bonus to players who decide to become a member.

Virgin Games Bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the few areas that is actually linked to Virgin Media, the company behind the games. This promotional code is valid for members only. Once you are a member, you can access all Virgin Games bonuses at no cost. So even if you are a first time player, there is no need to pay anything extra.

All you need to do is to check your email to see if you have a promotional code for the Virgin Games Bonus. This is because all the information that you need to get started is found in your email account. It contains the exact instructions on how to redeem your bonus. When you enter the promotional code, the system will automatically deduct your deposit from your account. This means you won’t have to pay anything extra to start playing.

For the first hour, you will be able to wager free. After this period, Virgin Games Bonus will deduct your deposit by the amount of wagering you have made. But, you can always withdraw your money after this period. As long as you don’t spend the whole 72 hours with your wagering account, you can keep taking advantage of your bonus.

At first, Virgin Games Bonus offers new members only, must opt in and at least 10 deposits must be made before the promotion period is over. As soon as the promotion has ended, new members only will be given an updated offer. Remember, they can still take advantage of Virgin Games Bonus by making constant deposits into their new account. Only the new members will receive updates on the offers available in their new account.

There are two ways to receive updates about the promotions in your account. First, you can visit the main site itself and look for the help section. Here you will find useful information such as helpful tips and advice on playing the game, how much to bet, the exact details on how the bonus is calculated and much more. The welcome bonus is given as soon as you register with Virgin Games and you will also receive a welcome letter. If you have not registered yet, don’t worry, because when you do, a welcome bonus will be sent to you.

In addition to the welcome bonus, when you register with Virgin Games you will also receive a free bingo card. This bingo card contains a special code that allows you to access the bonus that will give you a total amount of one hundred percent payout on all spins in all the game modes – online slots, live casino, video poker and craps among others. So basically, when you sign up, you will be given a free bingo card along with all the spins and the corresponding bonuses.

All you need to do in order to get the full benefits of the bonuses is to login to the site. After logging in, you can see what bonuses are available for you based on your personal bank roll, deposit amounts and more. You will also receive notifications each time a promotion becomes available so that you do not miss it. Apart from receiving the welcome bonuses, users who make deposits after reaching a certain wager limit will also receive greater bonus amounts. So make sure that you take advantage of these promotions and deposits made while registering with Virgin Games to maximize the potential of your winnings.

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