The Basics of Acrylic Retail Store Displays

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Re-designing the interior of a retail store is an exciting job, but one that must be done with great caution. The owner of the store expects stylish, yet durable store fixtures to present their retail goods. They are looking for an attractive look that does not take much maintenance and upkeep, and your job is to deliver. If you are on the forefront of store fixture manufacturing, you know the latest and greatest displays are being made from acrylic.

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But why use acrylic? There are several distinct advantages that acrylic has over other materials:

o Durability: This is the main advantage. Basic store fittings will need to have a shelf life of at least a year – preferably more Acrylic sheet manufacturer. They will also need to be safe against an elbow that knocks against them accidentally or a child that is attracted to a colorful display. In fact, in terms of durability, Acrylic is much longer lasting, especially when compared to lacquered or varnished hardwood.

o Lifetime Guarantee: Many acrylics come with a lifetime guarantee, thereby lowering your costs. You will also not have to keep too many spares to replace broken pieces.

o Strength: Acrylic looks deceptively fragile, but it can support a great deal of weight. In most stores, product size is not necessarily proportionate to weight. The same acrylic stands could be used to display something big and heavy as well as light or small. Acrylic also high-impact resistant.

o Flexibility: This is a wonderful quality that makes acrylic useful for any kind of display stand. It can be molded into any shape and have rounded or square corners.

o Optical Clarity: This quality makes acrylic suitable for all kinds of cases and stands. The transparency of the material will not detract from the items being displayed. They will also give the entire display a much ‘lighter’ and uncluttered feel. Plate glass has a dark green tint along the edge of the sheet, whereas acrylic sheets are clear.

o Lightness: The lightness of acrylic makes it easy to move display units around. They will also add minimal weight to the shelves on which the merchandise is being displayed.

o Duplicability: The flexibility of the material also makes it comparatively easy to duplicate standard pieces. A chain store needs to have standardized display units in all of its stores. Acrylic is the ideal material for this. If the store needs to expand, it will not be difficult to make additional display units to match the original ones. Acrylic has become a very popular material – so it is comparatively easy to get someone to make exactly what you want.

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