A Guide to Wearing Black Polka Dot Dresses

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Black is the new black, but not exactly the most popular. Many women still love their classic black dresses, and polka dots are right up there along with the classics like cocktail dresses and evening gowns. If you’re in the market for a new dress for any occasion, a black polka dot dress is stylish and pretty easy to find. Here are a few tips for finding just the right one to add to your collection!

One great place to look for a dress is online. You can browse through many different styles, find the best fit and price, and even get some polka dots for free. The go-to for classic knockout style? Black polka dot mini dress with a black leather mini belt. Complete your look with a cute pair of black thigh high black leather boots.

This dress will work great for any event, even the office. A black maxi dress works as a cocktail dress, a wedding dress or a dress for an afternoon wedding. A maxi dress also works well as a sexy little black dress for a night out. Choose from a short version (maxi length, tea length or hip length) and a long version (hip length or regular length).

In addition to looking hot in your black maxi dress, you’ll want to look good in it! Polka dots are always a great addition to dresses, but they can really pop when they are used in conjunction with other colors. For example, if you have a pink dress, a polka dots pattern on top will be beautiful. For a black and white dress, polka dots on the hem will tie everything together and keep the look clean and modern.

If you don’t want to wear black, but want something in a color that ties the whole look together, consider the beauty of polka dots with other colors. One of my favorites is orange polka dots. You can wear an orange dress and dot on polka dots with other colors to make your dress just as bright and eye-catching. This is a fun way to incorporate some colored accessories into your evening wear.

Remember that black polka dots are easy to match with many different clothing items. You can find a myriad of different necklines and dresses that will work with these simple but stylish additions. You can try a spaghetti strap neckline in black for a super stylish and ultra feminine look or go for the no-bulk teal dress that will work with any outfit. You can even go with a mock turtleneck sweater dress (a great style to wear with black polka dots) and dot your thin hair with cute little black beads. Pair black polka dots with black heels, skinny jeans, an olive green sweater dress, and your favorite pair of flip-flops and you’ll be ready to dance the night away in no time.

An off the beaten path option is the black polka dress – or as some people call it, the black polka dot dress. The black dress has a slightly looser fit that is comfortable, breathable, and attractive no matter what body type you have. Some of the more flattering styles include the empire waist, with bell sleeves, and the sweetheart neckline.

If you want to get even more outrageous with your dress, consider wearing accessories with it. A feathered headband, thin bracelets, or a large bow around the neck look absolutely stunning with this type of dress. Try to stay away from bold or shiny jewelry if you are going to wear a black dress. Instead, choose simple vintage bracelets, vintage earrings, or even tiny brooches in the form of beads that match the color of the dress. This is how you can get that gorgeous look of glamor without looking too gaudy.

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