The tricks of the comparison portals this is how you recognize serious comparison portals on the Internet –

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If you think that all you have to do is fill out the query form and set your filters correctly to get the cheapest price, you are mistaken. Keep the following tips in mind the next time you make a comparison stromvergleich berlin:

– – Pay attention to the cookies that you allow and, if necessary, switch on the anonymous mode of your browser so that your data cannot be used against you. Some pages show different prices based on their cookies. An anonymous user will see neutral offers, cookies could be used to show personalized offers that may cost more. – Pay attention to which filters you specified when searching. Some providers make presettings here that do not necessarily show you the cheapest product. Do not overlook the option to set additional filters. Often you can expand further fields or click on “show further filters” or “further settings” to get even more options. – Watch out for hidden advertisements. Sometimes products are hidden in lists and only weakly indicated as an advertisement. – Pay attention not only to the price, but also always to the properties and conditions of the product. A lower quality product can be displayed as better because it is cheaper. – Take a close look at bonus calculations. Some new customer bonuses or other loyalty offers may not even be realizable. Read the terms and conditions carefully and pay attention to what the tariff would cost after the bonus payout in the second year or in subsequent years. – Compare the price that the portal shows you with the price of the manufacturer. This will give you an understanding of what a good or realistic price is. Sometimes the manufacturer even has better prices. – Always use several comparison portals to make sure you are getting the cheapest price. – Through customer reviews you can learn a lot about the experiences of previous users. If there are no reviews on the website itself, you can google them or look at the social media accounts of portals like Verivox. Interacting with followers says a lot about a company. You can often find helpful tips or current, exclusive promotions.

This is how you can recognize a reputable provider

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Imprint & terms and conditions: When trading online, you should always pay attention to the imprint and terms and conditions of a provider. Here you can find out whether the company is based in Germany, for example, and whether it is therefore subject to other laws. Here you can also find out whether and in what form you can return or cancel purchases and concluded contracts.

Full details: If a comparison portal gives a lot of information about the items and contracts, it will be easier for you to see whether the price for other products is justified.

Consumer protection: The Federal Cartel Office and consumer protection check comparison portals and their offers. You can rely on their ratings.

It pays to compare tariffs. However, you have to watch out for a few traps and only use reputable comparison portals.

Comparison portals under criticism

The biggest criticism of comparison portals is the accusation that they allow themselves to be influenced by affiliate marketing. They are accused of getting commissions on products and are therefore motivated to display them at the top of the leaderboards. These hidden sponsors are difficult to prove. In particular, if comparison portals cannot prove how they got their comparison results and why they prefer something to another offer.

Where the exact price of the offer comes from is not always traceable, as it is not possible to see at what price and under what conditions they receive an offer that they pass on to their customers.

Another point of criticism is that the products compared by the portal only cover approx. 50% of the market and many products are therefore ignored.

Are comparison portals really objective?

There are comparison portals that work more objectively and seriously than others. If they state that they work with consumer protection and are transparent about how they get their results, one can assume that they are using one of the more objective portals.

Tip: We recommend that you always use several portals and pay attention to user reviews and recommendations from consumer protection. A look at the social media profiles of the providers can also be worthwhile. This is where you will most easily see the most recent complaints and critical comments.

The cheapest price is not always the best solution

In different purchases, price alone does not tell you whether it is the best option or not. Especially when it comes to contracts, it is much more important to pay attention to the conditions that match customer behavior instead of just concentrating on which tariff is the cheapest. You may pay less for one of the contracts, but there are likely to be fewer benefits in the contract than the more expensive ones. That is why it is important to always look at the compared products yourself before buying the supposedly cheapest product.

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