A Student’s Guide to Getting Part Time Jobs – Student Jobs

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is a student’s biggest worry, other than passing their degree? Well ask most students this and I’ll bet the majority of them will say that money is their biggest worry as a student. So as a student, what do you do about this? Turn into an alcoholic… well some might I suppose, but most students will try to find part time jobs, student jobs or even summer jobs to give them that extra bit of income that they need.

So in light of these thoughts, I decided to go and investigate what it is like, how easy it is, how difficult it is for a student to get a part time job. As a young person myself I know plenty of students who have had part time jobs in Leeds, part time jobs in Cumbria, part time jobs in Newcastle and many other places, so I had plenty of research subjects to prey on 유흥알바.

My first port of call was to go on a night out with some of the Northumbria University student jobseekers, which basically translates as a night out where you hardly spend a penny. I’d had plenty of previous experience in this field, but when you are out with a purpose to learn things you never knew about a lifestyle that you are so used to and involved in, it felt pretty different. On my first bit of prey, I dropped into a conversation the question ‘How do you cope for money when you’re in full time education, have rent and bills to pay and more things like nights out and food?’ The response I got wasn’t what I expected, they simply said they don’t cope at times, they have their student loans and they get a weekly allowance from their parents, but it’s still not enough.

By pure coincidence, the next thing I knew I was standing at a bar on Newcastle quayside chatting to a person who was trying to recruit students to take up holiday jobs which can lead to graduate jobs. I wasn’t drunk at this time, so yes it was a real funny coincidence. This person was talking about how it’s so difficult to recruit uni students due to their already hectic schedules. I then actually introduced one of my student friends to this person and to my ultimate satisfaction, I found that less than a couple of hours into this night out, I’d already got one of my friends a part time student job.

We then proceeded to a strange little establishment that I can only best describe as, well… a strange little establishment. I never even knew this place existed, yet there I was partying on down on a dance floor with a man with a withered arm and a woman on what appeared to be a dog lead – they were doing this strange hop along dance move. It was good entertainment to be fair and it seemed to have all the students’ enthusiasm and attention, so it was all good fun. Well in this strange little establishment I started talking to the woman who to my astonishment actually was on a dog lead (fashion accessory i guess), and she was saying about her daughter who had went off to Uni in Leeds and had managed to find part time jobs in Leeds that were relevant to her course which ironically was fashion. This gave me food for thought indeed, so the night went from strength to strength and then before i knew it i was being told it was time to call it a night. So as we all slumped back home in the bright light of the early morning with professionals on their way to work looking at us as if we were some sort of unique and wild species, all I could think about was what could be done to give students a better chance of finding student jobs, holiday jobs, summer jobs, and part time jobs.

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