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Blog is an abbreviation for web log and they are a web page where people keep a journal of what they are doing, events that are happening, and topics they are researching.

The first thing to do is decide which blog software to use. There are quite a few that are easy ones to set up including Google blogger, WordPress and Paid to Blog. You can also set your own up using software template like Joomla or Template Monster. I chose blogger because it is easy to use and I am just beginning, it allows AdSense and since it is hosted by Google may get some favour in the search engines. Saying that any blogs are extremely search engine friendly seo agency platform.

The second thing you need to do is decide on your niche and then update you blog regularly. You need to write quality content with your key words sprinkled through your text. Pick you title and labels to reflect what people are going to put in the search engines. Writing a blog is not easy when faced with a blank page but remember people like to read blogs because they are written by individuals and not companies. I write my blogs for myself, either for something I am researching or for something I want to remember. There are a lot of articles saying you must write good content that is interesting to other people but just write what you know. You can always edit it later and you have to start somewhere. You need to pick a title that summarizes the blog and be snappy. I like to write short posts, which are easy to read and if you scan the blog you should be able to get the gist of it. People may lose interest with a long rambling blog. Make sure the keywords are scattered throughout the blog.

Search engines are important because they help people find you on the internet. Your blog can take several weeks to be indexed so you will have to be patient and concentrate on writing your content. You can attempt to speed up the process by pinging the address to Google. You also need to register you blog with Yahoo and other directories. Increasing the page rating of you web page is an ongoing task which involves setting up back links from other relevant web pages. You can look at other sites and see if they have a reciprocal link exchange or you could email and ask them if they are interested in exchanging links. It is important to get good quality links built up over time rather than machine processed links. This is called white hat SEO. Some starting points for back links are your Google profile and yahoo. Good back-links can be obtained by having hub pages from Squidoo or HubPages. Another good source is from quality social networking and forums and it is important to have a presence on Twitter, Facebook and other bookmarking sites.

To see how your blog is performing on the web use Google webmaster tools It is important to have a site map because it helps the search engine trawl for all your inner pages and archives of your blog. To set up a site-map you need to verify that you are the owner of the blog. To do this log onto Google webmaster tools and select you blog and follow the instructions. Once verified you can take the add site-map option and enter your blog name followed by rss.xml, for example http: // You will need to follow the same process in Yahoo.

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