Making Your Message Work Harder Than You Do

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When it comes to pitching the media and landing press coverage, it all comes down to having a good story. The more compelling and impactful your story is, the greater the chances your going to be featured in magazines and the evening news. But that’s not only true when it comes to pitching editors and producers, your story is also what lands you clients and grows your business. Any successful business or brand successfully conveys a powerful message which resonates with the public.

According to Ann Convery, creator of the Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less program, developing a strong message and being able to convey that message quickly and impact fully is the most effective tool when it comes to building your business. “Your message is your verbal business card,” Ann explains. “It’s your personal and emotional hooks that make you stand out from your competitors. The correct use of a verb can change the way a prospect thinks about you in less than a minute. A well crafted message identifies the primary need that your service or product fills and creates a subliminal offer that your prospect reacts to 홈타이.”

The trick is to create a solid message that reflects what needs you fill for your clients and also reflects your values. That’s not an easy task, but it’s worth the time and effort it takes to get there. If businesses put more time into crafting their message before launching their companies or marketing campaigns, they’d be well ahead of the game.

Think about messages that have worked, Apple and Starbucks, are just a few examples. What do those messages convey to you? Starbucks isn’t selling coffee. It’s selling an experience, a feeling an emotion. You’re buying a heck of a lot more than a phone when you buy an iPhone, again, you’re buying an experience and you’re joining an elite club.

You first need to develop an excellent service or product. Smoke and mirrors won’t sell a poor business, well at least not for long. But once you have the foundations, and have a strong business model, finding the right message is the key to your business and marketing success. You might want to seek out some professional advice. This is where the Ann Convery’s of the world can be invaluable.

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