What You Need to Look for When Renting Serviced Apartments

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There are many reasons why you would rent serviced apartments. While these apartments were initially meant to cater to business travelers, it is now also an option for those who want to find short-term vacation rentals, college students who don’t want to stay in university dorms and those who are looking for temporary housing while they wait for their real homes to be ready to move into.

Business travelling is one of the biggest expenses any company always has and part of the expenses comes from travel accommodations. In the old days, the only option was to bear with per day, per service rates of hotels because they were the only accommodations that offered ultimate comfort for bodies tired and weary from doing back-to-back meetings and conferences all day.

However, the advent of corporate housing and serviced apartments changed that and soon, business travelers were able to enjoy all the comforts of home, albeit without room service but one that had all the space and privacy they could ever want at less expensive rates. Not only were maid service, cable TV and parking were available for one price, it also felt that they had a home away from home which is definitely the biggest comfort of all.

With that being said, there are a few things that you must look for when renting serviced apartments, in order to ensure you get your money’s worth. For one, each of us have specific needs when it comes to living arrangements so it is important that your rentals be able to provide them for you.

One such need of course is the policies about children and pets. If you have young children or infants, their safety is of course your prime concern so you need to check if the rentals have child-proof measures in place like windows that cannot be opened, balcony rails that are too high for children to go over, etc. It is not enough that you read on their website about the place being child-friendly, you need to personally check it out. You should also request that all breakable things like vases be removed so that you won’t elektrische Step huren El Campello have to pay for any damages while you’re renting.

As for pets, you need to be specific if they allow dogs and cats or just one of both. Make sure that you ask if you have to pay extra for bringing your pets because some places charge a small fee on a per pet or general basis. If you have dogs, you should also check out if there are parks where you can walk them every morning and if they are well-lit if you are going to walk your dogs at night.

It is also important to check about parking. Some rentals include parking in their rental fees while some don’t. If you feel like parking can cost too much, you can always find serviced apartments with garages but understand that they may charge higher rental rates because of this.

In addition to parking, you should also check for utilities because some companies will charge an additional flat fee while some will include it in the rental fee. Find out which ones they will be responsible for and which ones you will be responsible for to avoid any confusion.

And lastly, you should also check about insurance because you will want to make sure that any damage that accidentally occurs in the rental will be covered by it. Other rentals usually charge this as deposit and you get this back when your rental period ends but regardless, they should have insurance to cover them in the event of fire, floods and other potential disasters.

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