Use Retractable Bollards For Traffic Control in Your Premises

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What’s a Telescopic Security Bollard?
June 27, 2021

A telescopic security bollard is a retractable bollard that locks in to position when needed. It can also be developed to lessen in to the ground when maybe not in use, letting cars to move over. But what otherwise do you want to learn about this innovative item?

What are the advantages of a telescopic security bollard driveway bollards ?
They hold people and areas safe
With terrorism ongoing presenting an amazing threat in the UK, keeping people and areas protected is critical. This is specially correct as there has been a increase in enemy attacks using cars, with many incidents built to cut down pedestrians.

Accident tested telescopic security bollards are extremely powerful and have been built to bear up against the force of a vehicle impact. Indeed, crash ranked telescopic bollards are some of the very reliable bollards in our range, having PAS 68, IWA-14 and hostile vehicle mitigation tested to withstand the force of 7.5-tonne impact. Therefore, they are able to reduce poor drivers from carrying out such attacks.

What’s more, since they retract when maybe not in use, our community places stay functional for other cars when necessary.

Find out more about how exactly crash-tested bollards are helping to avoid terrorism.

They help with traffic get a grip on
Telescopic security bollards can be used to peaceful and get a grip on traffic. For instance, bollards can be used to regulate access to pedestrianised roads, areas and areas – while still providing delivery/maintenance vans access when required.

They stop people taking parking places
Organisations and residential developments often use retractable telescopic security bollards to ensure unauthorised drivers do not get vehicle parking places they’re maybe not called to.

They give a secure and available alternative
Because telescopic security bollards are fully retractable, they do not present an impediment or trip-hazard when maybe not in use. This could be a huge gain in areas with pedestrian access.

How does a telescopic security bollard work?
There are numerous different varieties of telescopic security bollards. And we’d be pleased to speak through the very best selection for you and your needs. But, for the absolute most portion, telescopic security bollards are fitted fairly serious underground. This gives them the necessary energy to withstand a vehicle piling in to them.

Telescopic security bollards secure in to position when raised, often handbook or automatically. Additionally they retract fully subterranean when maybe not in use, causing an easy and flush to the ground finish.

Frequent areas to install telescopic bollards
There are certainly a number of various places that use telescopic security bollards to regulate traffic. Three of the very frequent are:

Delivery bays. For an organisation to operate efficiently, delivery cars mustn’t be restricted. Telescopic security bollards offer the right alternative – specially in pedestrianised places
Areas & cities. More and more councils are having to implement anti-terror measures to keep active places safe. Telescopic security bollards are enjoying an essential position as it pertains to ensuring pedestrian security
Parking spaces. Having people park in your driveway or work parking room is a real pain. Telescopic security bollards assure that the given parking locations are just used by the people you give access to.
Fitting a telescopic post
Telescopic bollards are suited to many surface forms, nevertheless, you do need the right tools and experience to install them correctly. Therefore, we’d highly recommend that you make fully sure your telescopic security bollards are fitted by a professional.

Do all security bollards search exactly the same?
Absolutely not! Telescopic bollards can be found in a broad array of types, materials, completes and colours. Therefore, you can match your traffic problems without reducing the appearance and sense of the places you want to protect.  What’s more, at Macs, our telescopic security bollards include:

Bollard cylinder shade corresponding to merge with your marketing and surroundings
Integrated flashing lights and clear sounders for additional exposure and security
Why pick Macs telescopic security bollards?
With tasks round the UK, including the supply of telescopic security bollards for residential and commercial premises, local authority pedestrian areas, metropolitan regeneration tasks and hostile vehicle mitigation systems, we’ve a method to match your needs. Whatsoever they may be.

Our telescopic range offers you complete get a grip on over your bollard security. And, we’ve among the quickest transformation situations in the market thanks to our pre-installation assessment.

In regards to telescopic barriers, each and every item is tested thoroughly before causing our warehouse to make certain optimum operation. And, once shipped, our qualified and experienced designers can install your telescopic security bollards with the minimum of disturbance to the encompassing area.

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