Craps History Provides Insight To This Exciting Game

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In almost any casino around the world you will find that the craps tables are among the liveliest and often draw the largest crowds. There are many reasons for this but the long history and complex structure of this game are part of the process. This game has been a mega888 download part of many cultures and spanned the globe a time or two since its origins. Today it is a game that is commonly enjoyed worldwide by those that are of a mind to take the risks involved in gambling – particularly by gambling in a complex game like craps.

Ancient History of Craps

It is believed that the game of craps dates back to the time of the crusades. The game was picked up in Jerusalem where it was known as “al – zahr” but brought back to England other a different name. That name was “hazard.” Hazard was immensely popular in England for quite a while and as a result was introduced to the French who greatly influenced the game we know today as craps though there have been many changes made even from that game.

Craps was eventually brought to America by Bernard Xavier Phillippe de Marigny de Mandeville. The first American city to be taken by storm by the game of craps was New Orleans especially among the local community at the time. Each culture that has touched this game along the way left some sort of imprint on the game. It has evolved into the complex and intricate game that we know today as craps and is one of the most widely recognized and favored casino games in the world, particularly among those that are interested in dice games.

Modern History of Craps

For a more modern view of the history of craps it is important to realize that it has been thoroughly Americanized from its origins. The rise of Las Vegas and more formal casino settings has ultimately defined the game of craps though there are variations that are played pretty much anywhere that dice and a group of people can be found. You will see it played on streets in larger urban cities and in military barracks in addition to many casinos that span the globe.

Craps Today

Today there are countless casinos in the world. From luxury vacation resorts to the bright lights of Las Vegas and smaller gambling havens all over you will find many opportunity to enjoy the game of craps. One of the newest though and one that is gaining popularity at an amazing rate is the online craps tables. You can experience the same great action you would expect from a casino without the bother that is generally associated with going to a casino.

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