Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids – Effective Treatment Options

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Hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable and irritating to say the least. For those suffering from this ailment, the available natural treatment for hemorrhoids mostly holistic or herbal.

Holistic treatments include the use of different home remedies for the alleviation of the pain that comes with an hemorrhoids ailment.

Most of these natural treatment for hemorrhoids that use holistic methods can be applied mostly at home without seeking medical attention. Some of these treatment methods include but are not restricted to the following:

Cold witch hazel: Hazel has an astringent and antiseptic property. When applied to the spot, it produces an instant therapeutic and relieving effect form the pain and discomfort. Apply this to the affected part for about 20 minutes

Ice pack: Ice packs also provide a cool natural effect and gives a relief from pain associated with an hemorrhoid condition. Apply ice packs on the spot for about 10 minutes. In most cases, instant relief can be achieved.

Warm Sitz Bath: Warm sitz baths have the reputation for shrinking hemorrhoid veins and so are very effective in treating hemorrhoids that have protruded from the anus.

Pour warm water in a bath. Sit on this bath for roughly 20 minutes intervals several times daily. An immediate relief from hemorrhoids pain and discomfort will be notified. In addition, any protruding vein will gradually shrink and go back inside.

Rubber band Ligation: Rubber band Ligation can be used where there is an uncontrollable bleeding from an external hemorrhoids. The rubber band can be tied around the anus to stop the bleeding.

In addition to these holistic methods, other natural treatment gamot sa almoranas for hemorrhoids include the use of herbal alternatives to treating hemorrhoids.

Herbal treatments of hemorrhoids are quite different from the conventional treatment in that they make use of natural ingredients that get to the root cause of the hemorrhoids.

Most medications available for treating hemorrhoids have their herbal alternatives. They can be found in creams, gels, suppositories and balms.

Most of these treatments contain natural ingredients that get to the root of the problem. Once it is solved at the root, the hemorrhoids are not likely to re appear ad they often do with most other treatments.

Along with these treatments also comes lifestyle and diet changes. These have to be incorporated into a changed lifestyle as the root cause of the hemorrhoids are usually associated to bad eating habits and lack of exercises and lack of intake of liquids such as fluids.

A sedentary lifestyle also can cause hemorrhoids to appear. Exercises should therefore be a component part of the new lifestyle change.

All these will make the natural treatment for hemorrhoids to be effective and successful.

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